First container ship with renewable SNG | a project of MAN Energy Solutions and kiwi 

Brunsbüttel / Werlte, 2021/09/29

Last Wednesday, the container ship "Elbblue" was bunkering liquefied renewable synthetic natural gas ("e-LNG") for the first time. The product has been produced at our plant in Werlte. "With the first refueling of a container ship with synthetic, CO2-neutral LNG, we are taking a big step towards maritime climate change and towards a zero-emission ship," said Norbert Brackmann, the German government's coordinator for the maritime industry, during the refueling.

Links: type "Elbblue" in your browser,hallonds68766.html


Europe's first fuel from renewable wind energy and biological waste processes | Alternoil and kiwi AG enter strategic partnership

Steinfeld/Werlte, 2021/06/30

Effective immediately, e-LNG and Bio-LNG are available at all Alternoil service stations nationwide. Under the brand name REEFUEL, Alternoil offers a mix of fossil LNG, bio-LNG from biological waste processes and synthetic LNG from renewable  energy. A truck powered by REEFUEL 30 boasts -30% reduction of CO2-emissions against a truck powered with fossil diesel. Alternoil, service station operator and pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy-duty transport, and kiwi AG, Ingolstadt/Werlte, are entering into a strategic partnership. The aim of the collaboration is to make the innovative fuel available nationwide and thus contribute to achieving climate protection targets. Hier klicken für mehr Infos.