Our Vision

The Problem: transform from fossil to renewable in less than 20 years

To maintain a habitable planet and a stable human civilization, science tells us that by 2040 all fossil energies must be replaced by renewables.  

The transformation from fossil to renewable rests on four pillars:

  • renewable electricity - mainly sun and wind
  • electrification wherever possible
  • renewable chemical energy carriers from electricity ("e-fuels"), like hydrogen, synthetic natural gas (SNG), liquefied SNG, diesel / gasoline / kerosene, ammonia, methanol
  • use the power of the experience curve to bring costs down for renewable technologies

Bad: today only 1% of primary energies have been replaced by solar and wind. We have hence a long way to go and little time. 

Good: Today, renewable electricity is  cheaper than fossil electricity. Hence, the transformation is in principle possible. 

kiwi supports the transformation as follows: 

We analyze value chains from start to finish, e.g. for transport: from the oil well to your home delivery. What is the total CO2 footprint on your home-delivered T-shirt?

We develop and operate - together with partners - alternative renewable value chains that have a significantly lower footprint. 

Example for Germany:  

  • replace a diesel truck that runs on fossil diesel by an LNG truck (this is easy because LNG trucks cost less € per km) 
  • provide a renewable fuel with a significant reduction that costs no more than 10% more than fossil fuel at existing filling stations

This creates a market for that renewable value chain. 

This creates a market for technologies that are needed in the value chain. 

We look at all technologies available and select the ones that enable us to build that value chain today